Start creating your interior
design projects with Viccarbe

Viccarbe’s furniture collection is now available on pCon planner, the global design platform for professionals in the industry. You can now start working with us and feature our products in your projects. 

Do you work with pCon planner or have heard about pCon's endless options for designers? The platform is a free tool that enables you to showcase, space plan, configure 3D projects, and even prepare visual quotations for your clients in a quick and easy way. Now, you will be able to use our collection in your designs!

Discover the endless features of the platform:

  1. pCon allows the use of multiple views in the same window: 2D, 3D, realisti and orthographic.
  2. You can create different high-quality renders quickly and simultaneuosly. 
  3. The platform offers vector images of any design.
  4. pCon includes a wide catalogue of furniture brands and allows the import of all kinds of objects in .dwg format into your projects.
  5. With pCon you can create impressive videos and 360º views of the layouts too.
  6. You can prepare visual and clear quotations of your projects in a quick and easy way.

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